Uploads & File Proofing

Featuring the latest software from Kodak InSite.

Proof & edit in live view.

We can deliver a proof to you online in minutes.
At Fidelity Printing, we use the latest proofing software from Kodak InSite, allowing us to collaborate directly with you to move your print job through production much faster than conventional proofing methods.

Our proofing and communication software also helps to reduce the possibility of error, by giving you a live look at your piece that you can make notes directly on. It’s even possible to chat live with one of our representatives while looking at your piece and drawing notes on the actual piece - all from an easy web-based service that requires no downloads.

For those of you with tight deadlines (anybody?), the value of this concise and error resistant proofing process will become apparent as soon as you start to use it with your print jobs.